NHSOY Selection Process, Criteria and Deadline

1.  Hispanic ethnicity, regardless of race, national origin, sex, and religion.

2.  US Citizenship is not required. English proficiency is required; Spanish proficiency is not required.

3.  Significant and demonstrable experience in US institutions of higher learning, science museums, research and development, industry, or government.

4.  Recognized expertise and significant achievements in any of the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Design), and Mathematics), including basic and applied sciences and research.

5.  Commit to the two to three days of intense activities required by the structure of the Award, which is centered on the educational motivation of Hispanic-American students for STEAM studies and careers.

6.  Preference for outstanding individuals with a demonstrable commitment to fostering awareness and public understanding of science, to the role of creativity in the scientific process and a desire to motivate and inspire children, especially Hispanic children and other minorities, to pursue their education in STEAM disciplines.

7.  A written statement of qualifications of a NHSOY nominee shall be completed and approved by the applicable MOSI Committee prior to announcement of the Award. The Committee shall verify that the qualifications of the candidate meet the established criteria and conform to the mission of the Award.